Packing Tips

a) If you will be using boxes that you got from the grocery store, check them carefully for bugs.


b) Begin by packing items you do not use every day.


c) Label each box, indicating in which room it should go.


d) Mark fragile boxes boldly so the movers will exercise extra care.


e) Upholstered items should be covered with protective plastic to prevent stains or damage.


f) Rugs and similar items should be cleaned before the move.


g) Remove bulbs and shades from all lamps. Lamp shades should be packed separately in a sturdy box. To protect your lampshades wrap them in bubble wrap. Do not use newspaper as it may leave smudges.


h) Valuables should be removed and kept with you. This includes legal documents, financial records, insurance policies, jewelry, cash, credit cards and computer diskettes with backed up files.


i) Glass table tops and glass doors on furniture should be crated with bubble wrap and heavy cardboard for safe shipping.


j) Dry and canned foods may be shipped as long as they are packed in a sturdy box. Liquids should be discarded or thrown away.


k) Chemical and hazardous materials, such as, but not limited to, propane tanks, pool chemicals, fertilizers, paint thinners, solvents, bleach, aerosol cans, and firearms cannot be shipped.


l) Lawnmowers and other equipment with gas tanks must be completely drained prior to shipping.


m) Drawers in furniture should be cleared of liquid and heavy items. Light clothing only may be left in sturdy furniture.


n) Appliances should be disconnected prior to your moving team arriving. Also, take down shelves, light fixtures or chandeliers if applicable.